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    ica◆tion of SmartGen○ program in these co○lleges woul◆d comprise of ◆Tech Day, Hua○wei Experience Day,● Smart Campu〓s Consultancy, Seed●s for the Future● and Students◆ Internship, accor●ding to Hao◆sheng.Part of the p

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  • AKARTA, March 27 (〓Xinhua) -- China's t○

    r○ogram applications◆ would allow Indon〓esian students t〓o undertak●e vocational◆ trainings 〓in Beijing and◆ Huawei headquarter■s in Shenzhen.T〓he seven In●donesian state colle○ges constitu■ted in Huawei'○s SmartGe

  • ●firm Huawe◆i launched ◆on Monday its ICT● (

    n ○program wer●e University of ●Indonesia (UI), Ban○dung Instit○ute of Technology (I●TB), Gadjah Mada ○University (UGM), ○Telkom University (〓Tel U), Dipon●egoro Univ●ersity (UNDIP)●, Padjadjara○n University (UNP〓AD) and Sepuluh N〓ovember Instit